Relocate your business, staff and family as in the blink of an eye. We ensure you have everything you need the moment you step off the plane.

We live in a world where neither humans nor business are tied to specific locations. People find their success in every corner of the globe and businesses find success the same way. If you are thinking about your company’s relocation, the set up of your headquarters in a different country, or simply opening an additional branch in Cyprus, we got you covered.

First and foremost, we can help with setting up the legal structure, help you relocate your staff (and their families) to Cyprus and take on the entire migration/registration process. If necessary, we can even help you hire new staff from the local market, or even assist you with finding office premises and residential properties for your company and staff.

We can turn the hassle of relocation into something you and your employees look forward to and are excited about. Our goal is to help you settle in and feel right at home from the get-go, eliminating any logistical hurdles caused by traditional relocations.