EnWhy Group is Cyprus-based group of companies focused on helping startups and established businesses alike cover business needs such as Legal Advice Services, Intermediation as introducing brokers, Business Facilitators of any kind of Acquisition, Research in high worth investments and Investments Schemes though our vast International Network.
Our team is made of young professionals bringing a combined experience of over 20 years in their respective fields. Working together and building long-term partnerships is embedded in our company’s DNA and culture. Our goal is to create relationships based on trust, credibility, assurance and transparency.
Our vision is to give the companies the opportunity to flourish on a national and international level. Cyprus can act as the perfect headquarters for any business that has the ambition and potential to grow. We are already collaborating with companies from all around the world, opening a direct channel of business communication between them and Cyprus.


We live in an era where competition has never been higher. Gaining an edge over your competitors or finding a unique selling point is tough. Here, at EnWhy Group, we understand the challenges businesses have to face at which we can provide advice and custom made solutions. We are the people you’ll call at every problem and every hurdle. For us, it’s all about trust, clear communication and effective collaboration.


Company Formation

Our friendly, affordable and efficient service is ideal for companies and individuals who wish to establish an overseas business presence. Not only can we register and set up your company for you, we can also provide you with expert advice on cross border tax planning, legal issues, secretarial and administration support and other key matters such as corporate and personal banking arrangements and international accountancy services.

Banking Solutions

We have been endorsed as introducing agents by major Cyprus Banks and a growing list of European and International Banks signifying the ability of us to open accounts with ease and efficiency for our valued clients via our trusted banking network. Our representatives will tailor the banking needs of our clients to the most relevant credit institution according to activities, fees schedule and requirements to assist you to execute your business efficiently and seamlessly from your residency and country of operation.

Corporate Legal Advice

Our main goal is to assist and advise businesses, groups of companies and high-net worth individuals in the fields of Business & Corporate law and in Trusts & Succession Planning.

Startup Funding

Startup mentoring for ambitious founders. We make it way easier for ambitious startup founders to team up with highly skilled and experienced business mentors and advisors. We take pride in our highly competent and skilled team who can provide a variety of support services to Funds in a global spectrum spanning various jurisdictions.

Investment Opportunities

If you are seeking for international investment opportunities in different fields … we are promoting and facilitating investment process


Yiangos Konstantinides


Natalia Bredneva Konstantinides

Founder/Managing Director

Zoe Papaconstantinou

Assistant Manager

Georgia Georgiou

Administrative Officer

Antri Koina

Attorney At Law

Achilleas Achilleos

Fleet Manager

Nicos Hadjiyerou

Director of Operations

Clay Spathias

Trade Development Officer

Kate King

Project Consultant

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We are always on the lookout for talented individuals who can perform and excel in a dynamic and innovative working environment. We view each and every one of our employees as an indispensable part of the team. If you’re interested in joining the EnWhy Group


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