Bank Accounts

Stop worrying about opening a bank account in a foreign country. Our access to global banks ensures you’ll have your bank account in no time.

The banking sector has been through a lot in recent years. The emergence of digital banks has pushed the entire sector to a more intuitive, customer-centric product, bridging the gap between banks and customers.

Cyprus banks have embraced the change and are proud to provide a very modern and relatable service, offering clients a more humane and direct approach.

Our team can help you set up open bank accounts in Cyprus but that’s not where our services or expertise stops. We are official partners with numerous banking powerhouses from all over the world. We have a strong presence and access in Central Europe, opening doors to markets such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Switzerland and more. We also have strong partnerships with banks in the UK, Asia, Middle East, Russia.

Opening bank accounts in multiple territories can prove to be a challenging and time consuming endeavour and something you should definitely not have to deal with. Thankfully, our team possesses all the right contacts to take the load off your shoulders and find a solution.